Vol. 1, No. 5, September, 2019

Breaking the Poverty Trap: Is Education the Solution?
Dr. Emmanuel Olusegun, Stober  Page No: 01-14 Romania
African Onomastics and Politics: A Demystification of Àbíkú Names in Femi Osofisan’s Who’s Afraid of Solarin?
Ayokunmi O. Ojebode  Page No: 15-21 Nigeria
African Onomastics: Animal Psychology and Zoonyms in the Cognomen of the Alaafin of Oyo
Ayokunmi O. Ojebode  Page No: 22-27 Nigeria
The Significance of Signs through Some Selected Qu’ranic Texts: A Unifying Means or a Dividing Line?
Dr. Mejri Abdelhak  Page No: 28-38 Tunisia
An Analytical Study of Inter District Tribal Development of Dakshin Dinajur District, West Bengal
David Durjoy Lal Soren Subrata Mondal  Page No: 39-52 India
Substitution and Codeswitching among Some Ewe-English Bilinguals
Cosmas Rai Amenorvi  Page No: 53-59 Ghana
Systematic Critical Review of Risk Management in Malaysian Construction Companies
Manal Suliman Omer A.Q. Adeleke  Page No: 60-70 Malaysia
Intention of Pastoralist Students’ to Attend University in Borana zone, Ethiopia
 Abdi AdenYasin  Mary Thuo  Page No: 71-84 Ethiopia
Name Calling as a Strategic Communicative Tool: An Analytic Study of Jacques Pauw’s Text “The President’s Keepers”
Lutendo Nendauni Masindi Francinah Sadiki Professor Dr. M.K Sangi  Page No: 85-91 South Africa
Operations to Restore Cultural Legacy: Past and Present Voices on the Revival of Mbende Dance in Zimbabwe
Solomon Gwerevende Fumisai Rwaendepi  Page No: 92-102 Zimbabwe
Relocating the Political Fiction and Historical Realities of French Revolution: Presentation of French Bourgeois Society in Charles Dickens and Victor Hugo’s Literary Fiction
Hassan Bin Zubair Saira Tahir  Page No: 103-110 Pakistan
The Dancing Girls of Lahore: Book Review
Hassan Bin Zubair  Page No: 111-113 Pakistan
Household Food Security Support Initiatives on the Social Well-being of Single Orphans
Josephine Aluoch Okoyo Edmond Were Omar Egesah  Page No: 114-125 Kenya
The Evidences of the Narrators Illusion in the Methods of Performance Dr. Abdul Rahman Abdullah Al-Hazm
Dr. Abdul Rahman Abdullah Al-Hazmi  Page No: 129-139 Saudi Arabia
An Analysis on the Effects of Unemployment on Rural Youth in the Sahel: A  Case Study of Rural Areas of Madaoua in the Region of Tahoua, Niger
Dr. Issoufou Oumarou  Page No: 140-152 Niger 
Political Participation and Representation of Women in Indian Politics
Shabnam  Page No: 153-163 India