Vol. 1, No. 4, July, 2019

Jordanian Foreign Policy in Confrontation with Extremism and Terrorism: the International Alliance is a Model
Dr. Radwan Mahmoud Al-Majali  Page No: 01-08 Jordan
A Study of Translational Errors at Syntactic Level in Intermediate Classes of Government Colleges of Lahore
 Muhammad Farman  Page No: 09-21 Pakistan
Contemporary Diasporic Cultural Identities in Bharati Mukherjee’s Desirable Daughters and the Three Brid
Hassan Bin Zubair  Page No: 22-30  Pakistan
A Comparative Study on Teaching English in the Bengali and English Medium Schools in Bangladesh
Kaniz Fatema  Page No: 32-34 China
The Supernatural in Contemporary Philippine Horror Films
 Dennis Primne Corbita Maria Luisa S. Saministrado  Page No: 48-81 Philippines
The Role of Digital Humanities in the Democratization of Knowledge
 Hassen Zriba  Page No: 82-94  Tunisia 
Do not touch my Identity: Exploring Professional Identity Construction of Moroccan ESP Teachers
 Bani Koumachi  Page No: 95-103 Morocco
Depiction of the Persecution of Ethnic Germans in Romania: A Critical Study of the Novel The Hunger Angel
Wahid Pervez Mukesh Thakur Professor Dr. M.K Sangi  Page No: 119-125 Pakistan
Awareness about Welfare Benefit and Health Practices among Women TeaWorkers of Upper Assam District
harishma Jones Sarman Dr Sheeja Remani B Karala  Page No: 126-135 India
Battling with Failed Procreativity: Involuntarily Childless Patients’ Experiences in Bulawayo Public Hospitals, Zimbabwe
 Sikhumbuzo Dube  Page No: 136-150 Zimbabwe
Fourth Addenda to Criticism of the Current Science in the World
 Pejman Malekinejad  Page No: 151-159 Iran
Haunting Encounters and Re-mystification: Magical Realism as a Litrary Device in Toni Morrison and Mahasweta Devi’s Fiction
 Hassan Bin Zubair  Page No: 160-168 Pakistan
Psychoanalysis Reading of Mavis’ Character in Morrison’s Paradise
MAHA YASIR ABED  Dr. Lajiman Bin Janoor  Page No: 181-185 Malaysia
Palestinian Women and the Israeli Violenc
Iman Neamah Jasim  Mman Bin Janoory  Page No: 186-191 Malaysia
Lexical Items in Batak Toba Language Representing Fauna, Flora and Social Environment: Ecolinguistic Study
 Mery Silalahi  Page No: 192-198 Indonesia
Paklish Verses English: Lexical and Semantic Feature
Alam Zeb  & Khair Ul Bashar  Page No: 199-204 Pakistan
The Evaluation of Impacts of Socio-Psychological Factors on Women Suffering Breast Cancer
Quratulain  Muhammad Sameer Ashaq  Page No: 205-212 Pakistan
Revitalizing Torwali Folk Music Using Media of Translation, Audio, Video
 Zubair Torwali  Page No: 213-219 Pakistan
Taboo by Fouzia Saeed: Book Review
 Hassan Bin Zubair  Page No: 220-222 Pakistan
Language Shift in Dir Kohistan: A Case Study of Village Patrak Barikot
Hidayat Ullah  Dr. Main Shah Bach  Page No: 223-235 Pakistan
Comparative Analysis of Subject-Verb Agreement in the Syntax of Sindhi and English Language
Muhammad Ikhlaque Malik   Zulfiqar Ali Shah  Page No: 236-241 Pakistan