Vol. 1, No. 3, May, 2019

A Minimalist Approach to Passives with Complementizers, ʔan, inna and kana in Standard Arabic
Amjed Ayyat Fazal Mohamed Sultan Mohamed Subakir Yasin  Page No: 01-12 Malaysia
An Evaluation of English for Nursing Textbooks as Perceived by Teachers and Students at an Applied Medical College in Saudi Arabia
Eyad Ahmad AlMithqal  Page No: 13-25 Saudi Arabia
Beauty of Ideas in Rabindranath Tagore’s Chitra
Zunera Bukhari  Page No: 26-31  Pakistan
Noi’yat: An Intellectual and Innovative Repository: A Book Review
Zunera Bukhari  Page No: 32-34 Pakistan
Interpersonal Model of Metadiscourse: What is it and Should it be Taught in EFL Writing Classrooms?
Tshen Tashi  Page No: 43-48 Bhutan
Smartphone-Mediated Language Learning Strategies and Learner Autonomy among Pre-university Learners in EFL Reading Context
Ali Abbas Falah Alzubi  Page No: 49-63 Saudi Arabia
The Translation of Poetry Ganymed by Johany Wolfgang Von Goethe: Heuristic Analysis and Objective Approach
Vidha Verdian Mayestika Sufriati Tanjung  Page No: 64-72 Indonesia
The Role of Credit Society for Upliftment of Unprivileged/ Underprivileged People in Rural Areas
Dipak S Gaywala Haresh Kakde  Page No: 73-79 India
The Genesis of Modern Marathi Theatre
Haresh Kakde  Page No: 80-84 India
“Un Chien Andalou (An Andalusian Dog)”– Narrative Analysis with Cinematographic Features and Rasa Theory Elements
Shaolin Shaon  Page No: 85-96 Bangladesh